Unpaid accounts in France?

International recoveries that work also locally

Some years are so special

Key dates

  • 2008 1st Office in Paris

    May 2008 saw our 1st legal establishment for French collection.
  • 2009Efficient structure design

    Launch scheduled for end of the year. A collection agency needs a very sophisticated software. Nothing on the market at that time was available. After hiring some external consultants, decision was made create a Task Force whose aim would result in an Efficient debt collection and multi-purpose online platform.
  • 2013Law firms positive reponse

    Many more new partners joined us in 2013. So far, the highest culminating in 28, over 2 per year.
  • 2014Legal network launch

    Key to our success - a legal network made of international law firms and associates


Efficiently recover and establish long lasting relationships with our clients

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Unpaid accounts in France?